Late night thoughts

Hello. Im writing this frm my bed at 330 in the morning.  There’s something about quiet nights like these that make me think alot. Lolll. Or maybe it’s just me.

So anyway, the past few days have been quite tough for me. More in the emotional way. I struggled between fighting for what i want, what others want and what God wants. They just all dont fall on the same page. And what do u fight or and what do u flea from. I gotta admit the last week was totally unexpected and it caught me off guard. But what is life without such ups and downs? (:

But after speaking with someone i look up to a lot yesterday, it made so much more sense to me. I wouldnt say he gave me a solution. But he just put everything into perspective for me. It felt like i stepped out of the fog or like someone cleaned the condensation off the windows. Nothing like fresh perspective huh? Haha. To man, some plans may seem far fetched and even impossible. But by God’s grace and intervention, i choose to believe in a higher power and that everything works out for those who love Him. I’m writing and saying all these from a Christian perspective. But i know some of u might be thinking, “God isnt real, and u can only achieve the things in life only if u work hard for it yourself”, “how sure are u?” well, truth is, i am not 100% sure. But that’s where faith comes in. Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.(Heb 11:1) and i can also tell u that having faith isnt easy. But for all that has happened in my life more recently and for what God has done in my life so far, i have learned to place my trust in Him.

So anyway, (sorry didnt mean to be preachy) i am not as confused as i once was. And i feel at peace. There are some things that i have yet to do. But i am hopeful that everything will turn out just right(: life is good and i have no complains. All that matters is that i know i am complete in God and i lack nothing.

*end of thought provoking post*

Onto the rambles. Haha. My elbows hurt so bad.  And im being such a wuss frm two small tiny abrasions i have on my elbow. Who would have thought 2 small abrasions would hurt SO MUCH! Lol. This was a result frm an intense insanity session and frm some crazy elbow planking.hurts so badddd.i also understand the importance of elbows and how much our lives would change without them. Hahaha. True no?

Anyway, im going for my 5km nike women’s race tmr. Eggciting! Im not going there to clock a good timing, but to have a good “girl power!” day. Haha. Something about these events that make me feel good being a woman. Does that make me a feminist? Bahaha. Nevertheless, i think we paid a good deal for $30! 2 tshirts and 20% off merchandise which i made good use of! Haha. Scoreee. (:


If there is one dessert i can choose, it’ll have to be tiramisu.  The legit one ok! I have a secret place where i buy mine. Not the best but it’s near my place and it gets my cravings satisfied. I dont wnna try and make it cos i know it has many eggs innit. Haha.


I met up with my mentee this afternoon. I have 2 mentees now as part of my church’s youth prog. I am excited to see where this year will bring us! I have little experience. But i am sure it will be a fruitful journey(:


Rusty boyyyyyy. Haha. He loves to lick me. He is a licker. Unlike Bandon. It’s so interesting how dogs have their own individual personalities too! And Rusty is a huge attention seeker. He will literally push Bandon away to get closer to me or to push himself right in my face. Haha. Love them


With the beautiful tabs (: this was at her 21st birthday last Saturday. It was great fun! I never really dare throw parties like these cos im afraid no one would attend them. HAHA.


My baby Bandon who hates showers. Teehee.


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