Nike She Runs 5k

having to rush through my report right now and it’s not a happy time for me cos i’m having a sorethroat for no apparent reason -.- boo.

went for the Nike She Runs 5k on Saturday with Jolyn. it was held at Gardens By the Bay East. never knew that place existed. it is actually just as beautiful. haha. well, anyway, let me summarise how the race went for me, at least. this is not the first time i have joined a race. but this one is the shortest race i have ever joined. but it being Nike and everything, i decided to go ahead, and asked jolyn along because if 2 people signed up tgt, it’s only $30 each. which is pretty affordable for a race. a total of around 8k people attended the event.

the race started off slow. there were far too many people and because the paths for the run were SO narrow and would not be able to accommodate so many runners, they had a few flag offs. so we spent quite a bit of time waiting to start our run despite reaching there well ahead of time. we initially planned to take a slow easy run but afterwards, we decided to go for it. jolyn asked me not to run so slow -.- haha. i admit i am a slow and steady kinda runner. lol. so anyway, i decided to push myself anyway. there were far too many girls running slowly. there were all getting in the way. somewhere after the 2km mark, i think we caught up with most of the girls from the previous flag offs. so many of them were strolling. i just pushed them ALLLLL. sorry ah. but the paths were really too narrow and i wanted to run a good race. so all of them who were in my way, i tried to avoid them by weaving in an out of the crowd. but there were just too many people and the paths were too narrow so i just nudged my way though quite a lot of people. hahaha. i did say “excuse me”.

so anyway, i finished the race in 30 mins, which i think is not bad considering last week i ran 5km in around 40 mins at a comfortable pace. so i must say it was pretty decent for me.all in all i think it was a pretty ok experience. if only there wernt as many people in such a small venue. i am not sure if i would join again. maybe for the t-shirt? lol. i guess the kind of crowd they attract are young girls who are not really interested in the real running? sure, u join to exercise and everything. but surely if you are strolling even for a 5k run, it means u do not even intend to make it a proper race? i think the Great Eastern Women’s Run was much better in my opinion. no doubt the age group of ladies were of a larger range, i think the ladies truly wanted to make it a good run. 

next up would be x-physique and 10km Sundown race!  


Here are some. Pictures frm the race.. Haha.
Before we started the race. No doubt the view was really good. And there was no hot sun.. So that’s something to be thankful for. Haha.



After the race. Yippie!


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