Sashimi salad frm sushi tei. Sashimi cravings finally satisfied. Whee. Headed there for lunch with Edward the vampire. Hahah.


Grilled squid. I love grilled squid but i dont get to eat it that often. Haha.


Rainbow roll! It has unagi and avocados innit (:


Made pasta salad with ham, baby spinach and corn. The corn is awesome. Super sweet. And organic. Haha


Waffle on a scorching hot sunday (:


Haha. Udders served their root beer in a measuring jug?! How odd.


Quesadilla with egg white, baby spinach and ham. Yumyum. It’s rly quite easy to make and the kind of ingredients u can put inside are endless!

Anyway, i am unofficial done with my attachment! Whee. Im still feeling s little sick. Gnna take a warm shower and then hit the hay.


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