San Diego weekend! part 1



it’s time to blog about my US trip again! this is part 1 of 2. because there are so many photos. so while in US back in june/july, we spent a 2D1N weekend in San diego. the night before, we celebrated weida’s birthday and the guys got dead drunk.i almost thought that we wouldnt be able to make it for our trip. hahaha. we made it in the end though. haha. Image

the midvale party! these were my housemates while we lived in L.A the stick man by the house is yusho. haha. the 6th member. haha.Image

we headed to San Diego zoo on our first day (:Image

happy birthday weida! haha. Image

we went to the goat/sheep petting enclosure. they were all so cute! haha. they even provide brushes for you to pet the goats. hehehe.ImageImage

HAHAHAHA. LOOK AT THIS MEERKAT! and it’s tail sticking out! HHAHHAHAA. too cute. Image

Pandas! haha. they have a Panda enclosure too. similarly, they have 2 pandas and they were the star attraction of the san diego zoo. they were really quite cute too (:Image

Joy and i! haha. we wore matching shirts!!Image

haha. that’s carine. we were on the bus for the zoo tour. ImageImageImageImage

we had dinner at the cheesecake factory!! our first of many times at the cheesecake factory. too.awesome.Image

jasper, weida and carineImage

the girls went to f21 while we were waiting for our table to be ready. haha. they went crazy. but i stepped out of the store cos it was too huge and i felt overwhelmed. hahaImage

joy, huiping and kuan yeeImage


kuan yee and jasperImage

jasmine and dickyImageImage

awesome basket of warm bread served with butter. YEAHImage

some beef dish. the mash potato was BOMB. so creamy and smooth. YUM YUM YUMImage

we then moved onto cheesecakessssss. this was the original. it was alright.Image

the special chocolate cheesecake (i think)Image

salmon with sweet potato fries. haha. i dont rmb eating this though.Image

red velvet cheesecake. it was alright too. hahaImage

this was the oreo cheesecake. it was gud.Image


kuan yee still going strong with the cakes. haha. she is a huge eater!Image

the following day, we went to Mission Beach in the morning. i like the combination of denim shirt and sweater. cool weather is awesome for layering clothes! impossible to do in singapore. haha. Image

the guysImage

the girlsImage

heehee. cute dalmation running along the beach.ImageImageImageImagewe headed to Sea World later that day and thereafter drove back to L.A. it was a nice 2D1N spent with a bunch of fun people (: 



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