x-physique 2013

this is gonna be a wordy post. and also because i have no pictures of the race. lol. 

so anyway, i joined x-physique this year with 2 other guys. it’s an urban race organized by NTU sports club. and i heard from a few friends who participated in it before and said it was fun/challenging so why not? from what i understood before the race, it involves a race around certain parts of singapore on foot. no form of transport. but there are also some parts that involve cycling. so from the sounds of it, it is understandable that it is physically challenging. on top of that, u also need to solve clues and read maps. because u are not allowed to use your phones/devices with navigation capabilities. 

2 weeks prior to the race, i fell ill. and i never really recovered even after a week. so that was 1 week of complete inactivity. before that i was exercising pretty regularly. so last week, i fell ill again. didnt know what exactly, but i just didnt feel well enough to go for a run/insanity etc. so i pretty much chilled the whole week. so going for the race without much training 2 weeks before was rather risky. i knew there was gnna be lots of running involved. 

so anyway, we started the race and boy, those guys were serious! no walking at all. we were jogging the whole time.frm station to station. we also breezed through the stations pretty well. i must say the guys were pretty impressive. haha. we caught up with some teams who started way ahead of us. and i thought we stood a good chance of winning. some of the stations included building a catapult using wooden beams and rope. which the guys fared really awesome cos they knew how to tie ropes. there was also a canoe segment which only included 2 team members so i sat out on that. i have no clue how to canoe actually. hahaha. we also have to crawl up a hill on a soap mat. AFTER running like a dog in the afternoon soon.i was so exhausted by the time we made it to the station. lol. we ran for hours. no kidding. we also bashed through a forrest in the middle of pungol. 

just as we started on our cycling leg of the race, it started to pour like mad. and we just cycled through the beating of the raindrops. i think that was pretty memorable for me. u wouldnt get a chance to do that ever! but yea. we hit a road block with an impossible location. even after solving a super difficult sudoku puzzle *proud* and finding location, the name of the place was IMPOSSIBLE.it basically didnt exist. we googled using strangers’ phones, searched the street directory, NOTHING. so we cycled for 1hr to a station we had passed by earlier in the day. but unfortunately, it wasnt the correct station. so we cycled for 1hr for nothing. and by the time we asked around for the correct place, it was kinda late and we had to cycle another 1hr back to the actual place. so the guys decided to give up since our hopes for winning were dashed. i was honestly disappointed. but we were dead tired too. so we disqualified ourselves and ended the race early. other teams of course made it to the correct station because someone TOLD THEM. sigh. oh wells. a little screwed up clue if u ask me

all in all, i have to say it was an amazing experience. i am thankful for my teammates who were brilliant. they encouraged me and made me run like a dog. even when i was so tired, i still pushed myself to jog because i wanted to give it my best shot. i have no regrets! i think they trained me well for my 10km race on friday. i think we ran at least 20km. no kidding. my legs burned like mad. plus the cycling AND the sun and rain. wow. it was still fun no less. looking forward to joining again next year perhaps? haha

sundown 2013 on friday! after that race, i am not sure what i want to join next. hahaha 


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