San Francisco Part 1

i’m on a roll with my US trip posts. haha. and welcome to my new readers from my previous Orlando posts (: i have more time to post because dont really have anything to do at work. haha. we went to San Francisco during one of the weekends. we scored $1 Greyhound bus trips there during the 4th of july period i believe. haha. that was a steal! but the bus ride was quite long and uncomfortable. i also remember being pretty unwell on the day we were travelling there.but nevertheless, we were excited. we spent 1 day in San Francisco and another whole day at Yosemite National Park, which i will cover in Part 2.

because we were only making a short trip, we packed light. even so, carrying a (lousy) bagpack the whole time during our first day wasnt the most comfortable. i would still recommend a good study bagpack i suppose. haha.

Imagei’m on none other than the super iconic Golden Gate Bridge. i was so excited to be there after seeing it movies and pictures, to be physically there was amazing. San Francisco is beyond beautiful. the weather was so nice while we were there and the houses along the steep roads are just so gorgeous.

Imageclimbing up Lombard Street. it was seriously steep! as you can see, cars have to be parked at 90 degrees to the pavements.

ImageImagethe also very iconic cable cars!

Imagethis is when you look down from the top of Lombard street. isnt it just beautiful?

ImageImageShaiful and i. here’s us standing at the top of Lombard Street. the crookedest road in the world (:

Imagesome of the houses along Lombard Street. it is such a popular tourist attraction so i think these home owners really take pride in decorating their homes well.

ImageImageImagethe cars making their way down the crooked road.some serious driving skills needed.

ImageImagebeautiful joy and her chocolate. haha. (hello joy if you’re reading this)

Imagecan you spot a man beside the dustbin hiding behind a bush? haha. he hides behind the bush to scare unsuspecting passerbys. haha. we had a good time watching him scare people. a small crowd formed along the streets and we were watching him prey on unsuspecting people. hahaha. after about 10 minutes, he would go around and collect change from tourists/the crowd. funny enough, i remember my aunt telling me about this ‘man’ in San Francisco. and this was the exact man! hahahaha. so do watch out for this man when u visit there.

Imagesleepy blue riding hood.

Imagewe got onto the Cable Car!

ImageImageImageImageImagehe is the Cable Car operator. he was kinda grumpy though.. haha.but their way of operating the cable car is quite interesting.not really sure how the mechanics work for it to be able to pull the car up steep hills and slopes

ImageImageImagethis was earlier at the Greyhound bus station when we reached San Francisco

ImageImagethe boys

Imagethe girls

ImageImageImageImagehere’s me jumping on a huge pile of shredded wood. we were walking through a forest making our way to the Golden Gate Bridge. the forest remind me of Macritchie. haha. but it was very cooling and beautiful as it was still early in the morning

Imagedoesn’t it remind you of Twilight? haha

ImageImageawww. a Pet Cemetery!

ImageImageImageImageImageImagehaha.i took so many photos of/with the Golden Gate Bridge. i heard you can rent bicycles to ride across the bridge. i wish we had more time to allow us to do that. we were only able to walk the front portion of the bridge. i think it would be nice to walk further up and enjoy the sea view (:

i think we were very blessed with the beautiful weather over the weekend we were there. i would love to go back and see more in future!

part 2 coming up next!


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