San Francisco Part II

this was our second day in San Francisco. we booked a full day tour to Yosemite National Park. we didnt know that the journey there and back would take 4 hours both ways. it was quite a long journey there thru train and bus. i dont exactly recommend the tour in the Summer. but  i’ll explain towards the end. 

our journey started pretty early in the morning. we were told to meet at the train station where a guide would meet us. 


the train was pretty comfortable throughout our ride. it has it’s upper and lower floors. there were also nice views along the way (:


we then hopped onto a bus and had a 2 hour journey into the valleys. i must say the views were rather beautiful coming from a cosmopolitan city like Singapore, such views were a rare sight for me


as i mentioned it was Summer when we visited, the main waterfall was completely dried up. but that also meant we were able to climb onto the rocks which would have been underwater if the waterfall was present. it was kinda cool that we could climb onto the rocks big rocks. but it’s all on your own risk. haha. some of the rocks are really huge.


cute squirrels that were present during summer


clear skies, green grass, just so beautiful


the iconic el capitan. seeing it in person was pretty amazing. the rock looked so majestic.we were told that speed climbers take about 2 hours to make it to the top. for regular climbers, they take an average of a week to make it to the top. i can only imagine the view up there. it must be spectacular. i heard that many climbers will plan to climb el capitan at least once in their lives.


if i am not mistaken, this is the bridal veil waterfall. which as you can see is barely there. haha. so we were pretty disappointed because we expected to see much more after having to travel so long. lol.


all in all, it was still a nice trip, but i would think twice to go back just because of the long travelling time. but i understand that the park itself is huge and you can visit from different parts of the country. i did enjoy the scenery at the park. the weather was nice and cooling. any weather without Singapore’s humidity is always welcomed. haha. as much as i enjoying shopping etc, i do enjoy sight seeing and nature. having visited quite a few countries, this was one of the places that i enjoyed quite abit. also because i traveled with my awesome friends. we spent a lot of time sleeping on buses though. just be prepared for the long traveling duration if you want to head there. 

i wish we had more time in San Francisco to visit other places like Alcatraz, chinatown, and just take my time to soak in the beautiful city. the next day, we set off early to catch our bus back to L.A 

we headed to Korea Town in L.A for an awesome korean bbq dinner. it was buffet style so we could order as much sliced beef/pork/chicken we wanted. we ate and ate and ate. it was pretty darn good. 


i miss the times we had (: 

L.A posts coming up next!


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