Before and After.


this was taken today. i decided to talk about my progress 6 months on since i decided to embark on this new fitness journey. it hasnt been easy, and i wasnt super strict with myself. and i truly enjoyed the whole process. the feeling that u get after completing a workout is the best. nothing beats that. no doubt i love food, but i didnt let it take over my life. i have learned to eat well yet not deprive myself of food that i love. i am thankful for my body and for being able to exercise, because not everyone has that chance due to injuries or illness. 

the reason why i want to blog about this is not to show off or anything, but to show that anything is possible as long as you put your mind to it. it takes time and dedication. most importantly to stick to it, even if you dont see results. little progress is better than no progress. so let’s all get fit guys! you can do it!


6 months back, i had no definition in my body at all. i had a tummy and there was no muscle in my arms. u cant tell but i was trying to flex my arms but i failed because i have no muscle. lol. but in the recent weeks i trained my arms though lifting weights. because even though i did insanity most of the time, it barely works the arms.i have abit of muscle in my arms now but i feel there is still much progress to be done and i will continue to work hard in the next 2 weeks before i leave for korea. haha. 

abs wise, i would say it is a combination of exercise, cardio and diet. in terms of exercise, i did planks, side planks, leg lifts and abs video from blogilates. cardio is necessary to burn the fat around the tummy area. because u can do all the abs exercise, but u may not have abs because i cannot spot reduce. u need the cardio. diet is so important. i cannot emphasise this enough. it’s also quite self explainatory. when u eat too much carbs or soft drinks or overeat, u get bloated. so cut down on processed foods. as they say, abs are made in the gym, but SHOWN in the kitchen. so what u eat is important.

i dont have any pictures, but for my legs and butt, they are definitely a lot firmer. because insanity involves A LOT OF SQUATS. and squats are good for u! hhehehe. so do it! i also do leg presses in the gym and weighted lunges. 


i will be leaving for korea in 2 weeks. i am not sure how i will be able to exercise over there. i might just let myself go and gorge myself. hahaha. but i doubt so. i will find some ways to exercise even over there. this is a lifestyle and not just a 2 week diet (: i’m happy where i am not, but i will keep working hard and trying to be disciplined. i hope everybody will be happy and healthy too. 

there were a few weeks that i was much skinnier than i was now, because i went on a strict diet for a week. i was the lightest i ever was in years. but i didnt go to the gym might. however, i think gymming and lifting weights is important. all the girls who think that lifting weights will make u look bulky, are wrong. because women dont have testosterone unlike men. so unless you take steroids, u will NOT become bulky. and muscle burns fats. so get to the gym and start lifting some weights! running alone will make you lose weight and u will lose weight fast. but u will be SKINNY FAT. yes, skinny fat. so u might look skinny, but your fat percentage is still high because we all need a combination of cardio and weight resistance training. i did a body analysis assessment a few weeks ago (at my lightest) and i was advised by a fitness trainer that i needed to lose 2 kg of fat and GAIN 6kg of muscle. because i was doing a bit too much cardio and i needed to do more weight resistance training instead. so that’s what i’m trying to do now. (: 

that said, i am no professional. i’m saying all these based on my own experience. this was what worked for me. there is still so much for me to learn and progress to be made! feel free to leave any comments below on this topic! 😀


3 thoughts on “Before and After.

  1. Hey just wanted to say thanks for the posting this! I came across this searching for blogilates as I just started working out lately and was wondering whether it was even worth my time. I am not necessarily fat, but i know personally that I’m probably not in good shape/health. Others always say I’m thin but it does not mean there’s muscle, AT ALL! Like you before, when i flex my arms, there’s nothing. Poke my legs, I’m all jello. I’m glad to see that people with lower body mass still can still see improvements and that I’m not the only one wanting to get in shape despite already being smaller.

    1. Hey. Sorry for the delay in reply. But I’m really glad u found my post helpful! I think with consistency, we will definitely see results. We all need a little toning here and there (:

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