Los Angeles, The City of Angels

hello, i’m going to blog about the time i spent in L.A. i spent 6 weeks doing Summer School in UCLA last summer.



Imagedoesnt the campus look so beautiful? well, that is compared to Singapore’s NTU. lol. but i was blown away by the spacious campus and the well groomed bushes and grass. it looked more like a park than a university for me. hahaha.Image


Imagethe beautiful library that i never got to fully utilise to study at. but i visited the library on the last day of school just to take some photos. look at the nice ceiling? haha. far cry from Lee Wee Nam library. haha. sorry for comparing, but it is what it is. lol.

Imagethis was our living room area in our apartment. we had a spacious living room area with two sofas. but we used one of the sofas as an extra bed for joy. the apartment was cleaned out before we moved in so everything was nice and clean.Imagethe girl’s room. this was the first night when we got there. so we havent bought any bed sheets or pillows.Imagethe bathroom. the girls got to have the room that had a bathroom connected to it. which was nice of the guy to offer the room to us. Imageour kitchen/dining room area. the dining room table can only sit 4 people so we usually eat in the living room on the floor when we have more people.Imagewe had a well equipped kitchen. but there wernt any pots or pan so we had to buy everythingImagefirst dinner with new friends!Image



Imagei believe this was the first day of school. haha. Image

Imageone of our movie nights. haha. we have a cinema within walking distance from our place so we headed there twice for a movie during our stay. haha. it’s quite interesting for me because each cinema only screens ONE movie for a duration. unlike in Singapore where there are a series of movies we can choose from to watch. haha.ImageImagei loved the weather there! so sunny but yet no humidity! it was pretty cooling and on somedays we actually lay on the grass and took naps. it was so amazing and fun. lol. cant do that in singapore. hahaha.Image

Imageour first homecooked dinner at home. we bought roasted chicken from Ralph’s and made spaghetti with cream sauce using canned mushroom soup. haha. Image




Imagei like to call these pancake mornings. haha. weida made pancakes for us one morning for breakfast and they were awesome! and the amazing scrambled eggs. so goooood. loved eating the pancakes with nutella. bomb.ImageImage


Imagesecond day in school at a class.Imageat one of the canteens for lunch in the sunImagelook our their legs. hahaha. all so muscular and tan.lol.ImageJoy and I on the 4th of july when we went to see fireworks!we had such an amazing time. will update more next!


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