A day at Santa Monica Beach

we spent a day at Santa Monica Beach. it was just a nice relaxing evening spent with my friends. the guys took up surfboarding (cue topless guys. hahaha) except yusho. and the girls just chilled by the shore taking photos. we were there till the sun set and it got pretty cold at night. but i really enjoyed the time at the beach because there was sun but no humidity. which is a huge plus for me. because when you go to Sentosa in singapore, you are sweating half the time and sand gets stuck on you. ew. haha. been awhile since i been to sentosa also actually. okay. anyway, back to Santa Monica California (:


the guys taking up surfing lessons. it looked easy,but i think the technique is quite hard to master. but they did look like they had fun. haha


the boys


the girls



it’s a jellyfish!


reminds me of the seagull in Finding Nemo. hahaha.


Yusho spent the evening sleeping. he was in a deep slumber. he looks like a homless man here doesnt he? haha.ImageImageImage

haha. headed to Muscle Beach after the sunset.my awesome housemates. we all became so tanned. lol. but not much muscle here at Muscle Beach. haha.


it was pretty chilly which explains the spongebob blanket on huiping. haha.


on the way there. haha. i know the pictures arent really in order. but it’s alright. haha. we bought in-n-out before gg to the beach. I MISS THE BURGERS!ImageImage

yusho with his burger. haha. those peppers were the bomb.


rows and rows of palm trees. i wish we rented bikes or something. haha. if you go further down, you will reach Venice Beach. which is a hippy-er place. we went there the week before when some of them went skydiving.


oh how i miss you, California.


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