My Korean Summer

Hey everyone!

Haven’t been updating how I’ve been recently since I arrived in Korea. It’s 330am right now. Haha. I slept at 1030pm and woke up around 2am. Haha.

School officially started today at Korea University. I am taking Korean Language and also some leadership and management module. Haha. I have been here for a week and will be here for another 6 weeks. I know time here will pass really fast like when in the US. As I am typing, i am watching a vlog on youtube in L.A. And i miss US like mad. Esp the friends I made there. I also did summer school in USA last year.

I’m currently living at a hostel near the Anam train station. It’s really tiny but I’ve managed to make it work and make it my own space. It doesn’t have any windows but is slight larger than the other rooms. It’s cosy in it’s own ways. haha. So far things have been pretty good. Although I must say apart frm beauty products, things are not very cheap here. It’s almost as expensive as in singapore. Meals aren’t cheap. So im trying to save money by cooking my meals in my hostel. Which by the way has a pretty good kitchen. It’s small but it has almost everything. We even have free flow rice, kimchi and eggs here.

My first week, i went out quite a bit after settling down in my accommodation. I visited Hongdae, which is at Hongkik university station, i also went to Ewha Women’s University area and also Sinchon. Looking forward to visiting Myeongdong soon.

The weather here has been pretty warm like in singapore. But it rained and was super windy. So many girls wore rain boots. Makes me wanna buy a pair. But i think i’ll look like a gardener if i wear them back in Singapore. Haha.

Language has been a problem here. Sometimes it’s ok. But other times, it seems like the locals aren’t really open to foreigners who are not able to converse in Korean. I will try my best to learn it while I’m here and hopefully it will be put to good use even after I return to Singapore.  This is my first time picking up a new language. I think it’ll be tough but i’ll persevere on!


Went cycling along the Hangang on Sunday. This place is really popular in summer especially with families. They have wading pools for children to play with by the river. Which i think is quite interesting. We were tempted to play in the water too but I think we will look quite ridiculous because only the little kids play there. Haha. Cycling was really enjoyable as well. It was also pretty cheap. We paid 5000won for 2 hours of bicycle rental.

Surprisingly enough, I have been exercising as per normal. I’ve been doing insanity and blogilates in my room. Haha. When i have my student ID,  i will check out the gyms in school. Haha. Also, cooking and preparing meals in my hostel the past week has been surprisingly alright. I have been disciplined in picking out healthy food frm the grocery store. I actually buy more vegetables than I normally do when in singapore. Lollll. But of course I am starting to miss singapore food. Haha. Like Indian food! And fish noodles. Muahaha. Lol.

Alright. It’s been a long update. Part 2 of Amelia eats Korea coming up!


2 thoughts on “My Korean Summer

  1. Hello! I am also going to Korea University for language course and I am looking for places to stay. Could you share with me what is the hostel you are staying? Is it Anam Hostel? Thank you for sharing your experience! Have a nice day! 🙂

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