Tuesday Thoughts

this post is going to be about God (:

i suddenly felt the inspiration to blog my thoughts after spending a night out studying. it’s been 3 weeks since i have been here in korea and it’s been nothing short of awesome. indeed, God has surprised me with experiences i could have never obtained elsewhere. i can go on and on about the things i have been doing and the FOOD i have been eating whilst here. but right now, i am feeling overwhelmed by the revelation that has been bestowed upon me by God.

all my university life, i been surrounded by secular friends. i didnt even have one christian friend and i felt it was hard to find someone in school that can relate to my christian walk. so of course coming to korea, i didnt expect to make any christian friends.i would just do what i normally would in singapore and just keep to myself about my church life etc. but turns out, 1 christian friend became 2 and i soon realize i have a handful of christian friends in korea! i never would have expected that everrrr. actually now that i have christian friends, i dont really know what to DO about it? haha. doenst really make sense but i feel that i should take the chance to talk about my faith with them instead of avoiding the topic of God. sounds kinda odd but it’s true. i think God really came through in this area of my life of having christian friends outside church. i never would have thought it was possible, but God is amazing.

on top of that, i was approached by 3 girls today while on my way back from the supermarket after buying some boring groceries. haha. they talked to me about God. i politely obliged. but as we went into the conversation, it turns out, they were trying to convince me about something related to Christianity, yet pretty much the opposite of what i believe in. i was quite surprised, but i knew i had to walk away from that conversation. so i did. but as i was walking away, i wondered how many christians in s.korea actually believe in a different faith that what i assumed.

on the same topic of God, i thought i would also share my experience on attending the Yoido Full Gospel Church 1 week ago. being one of the largest churches and having the status of a megachurch, i knew i had to pay the church a visit. coming from a small church, ive always wondered what it was like to attend a church with a large congregation. my friend and i reached the church a little late due to the rain and we were trying to figure out where it was exactly.  but it was obviously quite hard to miss. their building is huge. we were ushered to an area for foreigners and were given headsets that had live translation in a few languages. the sermon was pretty interesting and meaningful. we also partook in communion since it was the first sunday of the month. since it was such a large sanctuary, communion was done differently from what i was used to. instead of going up to the alter to kneel and be served bread and wine, they actually pass down the trays of bread and wine and you help yourself to it. also, the wine was REAL wine. and not grape juice. haha. they communion stewards do it in such an organized manner that communion was done within a quite amount of time. but what really struck me was when we engaged in a time of prayer. KOREAN PRAYER. back at home, we sometimes take part in korean prayer as part of prayer where we all pray out loud all at once. but when everyone started to pray out load in the large sanctuary, i was immediately touched by the holy spirit and felt so overwhelmed. the sound of prayer echoing through the hall just moved me to tears. the unity of prayer is just so amazing. i think that time of prayer was the most memorable for me. the service ended on the dot and people rushed out of the hall to allow the crowds to enter for the next service that was to be happening right after. the logistics for the church seem to work so smoothly it’s quite admirable. i wish i can find the time to attend their english service sometime before i leave.

i am really enjoying my time here in korea and i hope to be able to persevere in my korean langauge class. haha.


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