Midnight musings

Hey everyone. It’s been awhile. I’ve been busying myself in the land of kimchi. Haha.

Im down to my last week here. It’s been nothing short of amazing. But money is running loe and i feel in distress that i dont have anymore money. I need to remind myself that doesn’t mean if it’s cheap means I have to buy right. But then again… Go back singapore sure regret. Ahh. Oh wells. I know i dont shop in singapore either. So i think all these shopping can last me till the end of the year. Haha. It was the same when i went to the US too. Haha.

The next issue is the issue with my suitcase. I’m not sure how I can manage carrying my suitcase myself when i leave cos I am travelling alone. Honestly quite scared. Haha. I have already decided to ship some stuff back. Haha. Good luck to me.

Food wise. Nothing here tastes bad honestly. Korean food is goooooddd. There are still a few korean food that i have yet to try. I have been eating alot and gaining weight. Which honestly frustrates me. But i think for now, i will try to enjoy myself first. I’ll think about exercise when i get back.





Eat clean? What’s that? Hahaha.

Language wise, I’m glad picked up korean. But i wish i could speak it more. Most of my friends insist on speaking English while here. But i dont agree with that because 한국어 (korean langage)  is part of the country and the culture. And as much as possible, i want to blend in. Not stand out. For now i can introduce myself in korean and order food in korean. And not just point at pictures on the menu. Haha. But it’s just scratching the surface. I dont think i will be speaking any korean when i get back home. But learning a new language is always useful (:

That pretty much sums up what has been happening in summary. I didnt really take many pictures because honestly, taking pictures annoy me. I rather experience things with my eyes than through a lens. Haha. Nevertheless, it’s good to take pictures for memory sake sometimes. Haha.


Beautiful banpo bridge at night. It was suppose to be lit up with rainbow lights. But somehow it was under construction and we didn’t get to see the light/fountain show.


I’m missing my baby bandon.


Making new friends (:


Outside the Olympic stadium.

Ok. Will update more soon. Hope i can wake up for church tomorrow. Haha. Bye.


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