It’s been awhile..

Hello! It’s been awhile since I updated this space. Haha. So much has happened. I have left the beautiful city of Seoul after 7 weeks and it’s been non stop since. After i came back, I went to school the next day and life went on as per normal. I can’t believe that I’m already year seems kinda surreal even. But it also reminds me of HOW FAR God has seen me through the past 3 years of university. It’s been a journey no doubt (:

I would very much like to blog about my experiences in korea and share it with everyone. I miss the city so much and of course the food. Haha. I might just try to cook a korean dish or two. I just saw this recipe for soft Tofu stew on youtube. I’m so gnna try it!

I thought I would like talk abit about fitness so far because people have been asking me. Lol. I think they just wnna know if i gained any weight. Lol. But surprisingly, all the bbq pork belly, patbingsu, street food and ramen has not made me gain any weight! To be honey even I myself am surprised. Lol. I didnt weigh myself at all for 7 weeks. Lol. But of course I did eat Alottttttttt. Muscle definition was lost and i feel that I am fat because I didn’t exercise during the last few weeks. Lol.

But anyway, I’m back and trying to take matters into my own hands. Started gg back to the gym and I’ve been playing badminton too. But im not sure if i wnna do insanity again and focus on it alone. Food wise progress has been slow for several reasons like my dad took away my bullet blender so I can’t make smoothies. Lol. But anyway, i will work towards a lifestyle of fitness again (:


How do u guys like my new look? Haha.


Homemade guacamole. Tastes so good. Not many people I know like avocados. But they are so good for u and tastes amazing as well(:


Pork chop with chips and mushrooms. Oh yeaaaa. Love the potato wedges. Not those frozen ones u buy. Yum.


Toffee apple cider. Tastes so good. Actually reminds me able of Butter Beer from Harry Potter World. Lol.

Okay. Till the next!


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