Mid semester


Decided to post  a little update before I sleep. I am actually very tired but I would like to rant a little before I rest. HAHA. It’s my little public diary after all.
School has been pretty awesome. I am also shocked that I would say such a thing. But things are going good. I am lagging behind just a little bit for the past week due to tests and my birthday but I think I shld be able to catch up with them over the recess week (: for the first time I won’t have any tests after the recess week. Now THAT is awesome. Haha.  On top of that there is FYP which I have been working on for the past few weeks. I hope I can put in more effort to do more reading. But it is quite tedious to have to read very complicated journals and process the information. Haha. But I think the staff at the lab has been helpful thus far. An I am glad I pick my supervisor. Because be not only keeps me on my toes but also gives me leeway to learn. I’m so thankful for that (:

Apart from that, I guess God has just been very good to me. I have found a new perspective in life after attending YMLC and I am just thankful for many things in life and I am looking forward to what God has in store for me (: haha.
Also, I must thank God for a new chance in my relationship with aaron. It hasn’t been easy to start off again a couple of months back. But it has never felt better. I believe that if u TRULY surrender, God will bless your relationships. It’s no longer one between two people. But also with God. Many things in a relationship are not within our control. Our emotions, our circumstances, our words and actions affect the other party even in the slightest way. That why it is important to ask God to led u in the relationship. Only then will u begin to understand what love truly is. This is only the beginning of a long journey ahead. But I’m glad I have someone to walk through life with(:

In other news, I have started on blogilates pop hiit (high intensity interval training) schedule for the next month. I am into my first week already. And it’s pretty good. It’s refreshing to have a new workout to do and the variations in exercises are great. No more boring runs on the treadmill or around my house area. No thanks. My aim isn’t really to lose weight anymore. Because i know realistically, it is not sustainable in the long run. My goal right now is to increase my muscle mass and I guess inevitable my weight shld or would increase. I don’t mind that because I know I need to gain a whole lot more muscle. And I rather be seen as (bigger) strong girl. Than a skinny weak girl. Haha. That’s just me though. I still enjoy preparing healthy meals at home and also making smoothies. I wish I had my bullet blender back.. More on that next time.

Ok. Time to rest. Shoutout to my friends who read my blog (: hello!


Beautifully bouquet of flowers sitting at my table to brighten up my late nights


I really like this picture(:


Eyes always on the food and not on me. Sigh. Haha. Lol.


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