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thought i would give some updates about my fitness routines thus far. haha. to be honest, it hasnt been easy. but i am glad i have been able to keep up with the discipline of exercising. last week i decided to start on blogilates pop hiit (high intensive interval training) routines for a month. blogilates is a website/youtube that offers different workouts that are FUN, intensive and awesome. best of all, it is specifically for LADIES. the owner, Cassey is dedicated to making working out FUN for everyone. watch a couple of her videos and you would know what i am talking about. i found out about blogilates at the start of the year while i was still doing insanity and i integrated some of her workouts during my usual saturday exercises with the girls. we were feeling the BURN. we did a few of her inner thigh, legs and butt workouts. those were really good! 

so i stopped for awhile and then i checked out her pophiit workouts. there are 9 in total and they are all available in print out form. i picked 4 and made 4 copies of each. so that makes 16 workouts and i aim to finish them in a month. #noexcuses. actually i just wnna try it out and see how it goes (: im into my first week and i am starting to see some changes. i feel stronger in my arms and legs esp. with all the variations in squats and pushups/burpees, it really gets your heart rate up and u feel the BURN too. 

i just did this today. haha. the lunge pops and donkey push ups really killed me. she makes it look SO easy and graceful. but trust me, it feels like torture sometimes. haha. 

with exercise of course comes the diet part. hmm. i’ll be honest and say that i havent been eating the most clean. neither have i been eating super unhealthy.i just have problems making good food choices when i am super hungry and then the crazy food cravings set in. i know i have to take small meals so avoid eating too much in one seating. i will work on that for sure this week. and also, i need to take proper breakfast. haha. cant seem to wake up early much less make myself breakfast. i know eating well in the morning makes a lot of difference. i hope to incorporate my beloved oatmeal into my breakfast next week! 

gonna post some pictures to motivate me and YOU to eat healthier, be more active and strive to be better every single day! whee!


i think this was my first day of my month long blogilates challenge. fat legs. haha. sigh. dont worry! that is changing as we speak (:


this was TODAY after a week. got difference? hahaha. wish i cld do an abs progress as well. but i think i cant take that kinda pictures in the gym itself. haha. i’ll try to get around doing that as well. and work on my abs. 


my saturday workout buddy, candice, introduced her to the blogilates pophitt on saturday and we were aching the next day! looking forward to the next session!


erm, colour run about 1.5 months back. i think i look slimmer then. lol not sure what happened. i think i ate too much. HAHA. it’s ok. 


after the PINK section!


one of my healthy dessert. haha. the usual. berries, greek yogurt, mini banana (i dont like those), almonds and chia seeds. i like to place it in the freezer cos it tastes better cold.


green juice! i made a lot of green juice in the past 2 weeks. but my blender is really crappy. sometimes the fruit/veg comes out in chunks. hahaha. but i still drink it la. wishing to get back my bullet blender. my dad stole mine and brought it to work. juice makes me feel SUPER HEALTHY. and it fills me up too. gets in all the 2-3 servings of fruit and veggies per cup. 


looking relatively clean after the colour run. lol. 


mini bowl of dessert.


after a run. i rarely go for runs nowadays. cos it’s boring. lol. but i have been getting in my cardio through the CARDIO BLAST segments in my blogliates workouts. haha.

feel free to comment anything! i’ll work hard for the next 3 weeks and take more pictures to motivate myself! i can do this!


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