next workout

i really want to to this! but first i want to buy a set of weights (: 

motivated to exercise after seeing a difference in my body after exercising for 2 weeks. woohoo. 

today wasnt a very good day for me at the gym because i insisted on going despite having a bad stomachache the night before. didnt really manage to complete my workout. but it’s alright. im looking forward to the new week and trying out more exercises. 

many people would compare different workout methods etc. but i suppose at the end of the day, do what makes you happy and satisfied. if running 10km makes you feel healthy, go ahead! for me, i dont really like running nowadays because it is REALLLLLLYYY BORING. zzz. i kinda prefer exercises that have a variety of movements and i have started to see the benefits of lifting weights. so that’s the kind of workout that im going for right now (: 



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