Just to say hi


Been really busy with life recently and seem to have neglected this space a little. I do love blogging but that seems to have taken a backseat for now (: it’s rather late now and I shld be sleeping. But I thought I’d check in for a little.

It is the last week of school and it has seriously passed by so fast. I’m done with year 4 sem 1!and for now, it’s exam preparation time. This time, I have 4 papers to prepare for. Which isn’t a lot compared to many of my friends. So I guess I should be thankful that I don’t have to cram as much in. Hehe. But I’m trying to discipline myself for the next two weeks! Really gonna try my best and work hard (: it’s gonna be over in a while. Thank God for sustaining me through so far. To think I jumped right into the first week of school right after I ended my summer session in Korea. Haha.

Church wise, I have also been busy. Never been more busy in church. But it is a good thing to serve together with many others. Many don’t know I spend most of my weekends in church. I rarely get any work done. But even so, God never short changes me and I always have more than enough. Need more faith to do greater works!

Some pictures

Went to a few cafes over the last two months and had lots of good food. But we’ll be cutting down on that for now. Haha. We went to rider’s cafe. Really like that place. Truffle tries baby. Haha


I decided to go for something sweet. Normally I prefer savoury foods to sweet foods. But I went for the French toast with bacon and caramelised bananas. SO SO GOOD. Yummy. Worth every calorie.



Hi there (:


Hey look! It’s a ninja turtle! Haha. It’s Rusty with my headband over his eyes. He was really confused.


Hi there handsome(: haha. We went to stranger’s reunion.


Truffle fries again? Haha. Yummy mayo.


Very delicious mocha. They pride themselves in their coffees.


Bandon dozing off.


Rusty in an off shoulder top. Hahaha. He froze there for a long time. Didn’t know what to do.


The cell group girls and I carved capsicums for our outing tgt. Heheheh. So fun. We put candles in them. Guess which one is mine? (:

Ok. Time for bed. Need to study hard tmr! Update again soon (:


Hi girls if u are reading this! Stay strong and press on for the exams! We will be out of this cave soon!


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