im back (again)

wow, it’s been awhile since i last updated. haha. quite a few things have happened since my last post. haha

exams ended, i went for mission trip to Sibu, Malaysia, i went for youth camp, i went for my family holiday in taiwan, and now im back in singapore! i want to update this blog more though. i have been updating mostly on this new app called Dayre, and it allows me to update on the go! haha. go follow me there! im cheeziepeazie (: haha. you can also follow me on instagram @ cheeziepeazie too! 

christmas has also come and gone. it was just a simple affair. didnt have that much feasting either. haha. but it was good.

exams results were also released yesterday. i did pretty good for my standards. and im thankful for that! all the stress and all was worth it. i hope. haha. 

now im busying myself trying to pack my house! gosh. so much to clear. thankfully i already cleared most of the things in my room and bedroom. haha. now to pack to living room etc.

will update in a little while!


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