Just a hello

Gosh. I keep neglecting this blog. Haha. This blog actually holds many memories for me. So I won’t give it up that easily!

The first 19 days of 2014 has been pretty Ok. Busy at times but still fulfilling. I wish I had more time to just slack though. Haha. Just busy with church stuff this weekend.

Feeling tired at the end of this weekend. Pray that God will give me strength to pull through this week (:

Anyway, i am updating more on this microblogging site, dayre. U can find me at @cheeziepeazie I update alot more there.

Feeling hungry at this time of the night. Even though I ate abit more than usual for dinner. There is a monster inside of meeeee. I even had quite a lot of carbs today for all my meals. Still hungry. Maybe it was the run. Haha.

Okay. Promised to sleep earlier but was distracted by plants vs zombies. Lol. Ok. I will sleep now 1:15am.an improvement from the usual 2-3am.



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