crazy nights

it’s another one of those crazy nights. when i know the later i stay up. the harder it will be to get up the next day. but i just dont want to sleep.

i am supposed to be studying for my test tmr. only 4 mcq and one calculation question. but i am doing anything and everything but study.okay.i did abit. but my mind is just filled with so many thoughts. so many to-dos. all i want to do is just leave and be alone. somewhere, in a beach. just leave me alone. *slumps shoulders*

i guess it finally hit me that, being an adult is hard. leaving this life of a student. worrying about the future and what it holds. where does the money come from? how to pay off a hosue? what? it takes 20 years to pay off a house?! that’s ridiculous! how has that kinda money? oh wait. that is only for hdbs. how about condos? or private property? how do people afford those? more than one house? whhhaaaa? 


yes. those thoughts are in my mind right now. tgt with a whole bunch of other things. like what i shld eat tmr. shld i have fruit? all the bananas are gone! all the blueberries are gone too. what shall i eat?


and i have no new grip for my racket. i thought i had one. but the one that aaron gave me is so old it cant be used. so now im left with a racket with a wooden grip. how to play tmr? haha.

sigh fly. just some late night thoughts. i better get to bed.


thank God for everything He provided for me today. the coffee, the salad, the car, the oven in the lab working. being able to cook, eat, and enjoy my meal. thank u God for these small things despite the long, crazy day. 


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