Hi there

Hello. Haha. It’s me again. Lol

I wonder how many of my friends who know me in real life are still reading this blog. I still prefer blogging on dayre for now. So u can  rest my posts there at cheeziepeazie(:
it’s been a busy few weeks.

Feeling exhausted. Amongst many things, I’m busy with the alpha course, with FYP, with job search, with tuition etc.

And it’s hard to find that balance sometimes. Sometimes u have to sacrifice several things for the sake of your commitments. Being an adult isn’t very fun sometimes. U get to control ur life in a sense as compared to when ure a child. But as u grow older, the more responsibilities u have.

One of it is, getting a job. No longer getting pocket money but instead, u have to get a job to pay ur bills, save for future etc. Money is inevitably on the line. But I am thankful I have an amazing God who cares for me and provides everything that I need.



Trying to keep up with my healthy eating. Haha.


My handsome man (: waffle date night


My baby Rusty begging for rice thins. Haha. His eyes and ears so cute.


View while taking a walk at Mount Faber on Monday. It was very windy and peaceful. Usually when I’m there I am on a run. But this time, I decided to take it easy and go for a walk. It was very calming and to take a break to break and appreciate everything that is around u. We all need to take time to do that more often I life.


Creamy pasta the other day (:


My three fav boys


Hahaha. Aaron’s mom bought these dolls for us. Haha. So funny!

Okay. End of short update (:


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