midweek updates

thought i would provide a midweek update. felt like updating this blog of mine. this week is elearning week. which means no live lectures and tutorials. haha. actually, not like i attend any lectures. haha

but im in sch after meeting my senior for fyp meeting to clarify some doubts for my report.earlier today, i also went to see a skin doctor for my eczema. i got more cream to apply for my leg. haha. i didnt want to go actually. but my mom and aaron forced me to go and see. i dont see it as a big deal. cos i have been living with this for awhile. but they say is ‘very bad’. haha. turns out, the doctor also say is quite bad. he suggests applying cream and then putting some medical tape over the affected area to make the healing faster. lolll. 

yeap. gnna be super busy the next few weeks… 

fyp report submission, demo, another mod has a project starting in one week and have to catch up other work. 

God will provide.



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