Bali day 1&2 – #3BabesinBali

finally an update with real pictures. hahaha. been so long since i had any pictorial updates. so i thought why not blog about my Bali trip? hehe. blogging on my new macbook pro. it’s awesome. haha. though the keyboard protector is irritating me. haha. i just removed it and typing is so much better. anyway, back to the grad trip. haha. yes. my 2 friends and i planned a short grad trip to Bali for 5 days. initially we were planning to go further. like japan for a longer period of time. but due to financial limitations and us wanting to be good girls and save money and not spend a few thousands on grad trip, we decided to go budget! haha. in total we spent

flight + accommodation = $380

other expenses (food/massage/tours/activities) = $350

for 5 days and 4 nights in total.


bright-eyed and ready for our flight! haha. i didnt have a good night the night before and was suffering from nausea. boohoo. but it was alright after i reached Bali. we flew Mandela Tiger airlines.

we arrived at the airport and their airport is surprisingly rather new and clean! i believe it’s relatively new.

we then took a cab to Ubud, where our accommodation for the first 3 days would be at. we paid quite abit for our cab fare since we were not very familiar with the prices and the cab company insisted on a certain price -.- i think next time we shld really just get a driver like my dad suggested. it’s fuss free and no hassle involved.


but anyway, we reached our villa safely and to me, that is always the most important. safety is always first! furthermore, we were a bunch of girls travelling without any guys. and we shld always be aware of our surroundings. the villa was very new and clean. always a good point. though it’s a little far from central ubud, it was very quiet and peaceful. no noisy traffic. just the sound of nature. haha. dogs barking, chicken cock-a-dooing (?) lol.

we stayed at Onje Villa. the staff were very helpful and sincere. since there arent many guests at the villa, we felt really at home. the counter staff and driver were all very friendly. which gave me a really good impression of Bali. good service is always a good indicator of how good a hotel is.




our comfy bed. haha. 3 girls shared one bed.cos we were kinda budget and we didnt request for an extra bed. and the staff were quite nice. they didnt insist that we get another bed unlike what i think most other hotels would. haha. so i slept in the middle for two nights. to be honest there was more than enough space for us. hahaha. #budgetforlife





my travel buddies. hehe. at our very nice and chill balcony.



that evening, we took the transport provided by the hotel to Ubud central to eat Suckling pig. hehe it was really yummy. also cause we were famished. lol. and we took a short walk around the area to find vendors for our trekking trip the following day. we managed to find a vendor that charged us 800,000 (approx $88) for 3 pax to hike up mt. batur the following day. it was a good price compared to the USD 60/pax that the hotel charged.but i think with any tourist areas, the price u pay is what u get. we got a group hike. whereas i think i if you pay for the higher price, i will have a personal guide to your group of 3. but we were totally ok with our group hike. which i will elaborate below (:

so we woke up at 2am that same night and waited for our transport to pick us up to make our way to mt. batur, an active volcano. our hotel very kindly prepared sandwiches with milk and juice for us to take with us since we were not able to have our breakfast. and the hotel staff who was at the counter at 2am was chatting with us as we waited for our transport (:

we were driven for around 30 mins to a place to have our pre-breakfast. which were banana and chocolate crepes. haha. not too bad. we were also joined by a Belgium couple who were travelling for 9 MONTHS. YES. 9 MONTHS. wah. i also want the luxury to travel for 9 months man. they went to new zealand, thailand, malaysia and bali. maybe more countries. i didnt ask. but they spent like 40 plus days in bali. haha. so cool. was quite inspired by them.


at the foot of mt. batur, ready for our climb. it was pretty cool in the wee hours of the morning. there were other groups of people waiting to climb up too. haha. there’s me looking rather dorky with my green sling bag. that is SUPER STURDY. haha and also theft proof. haha. there are wires in the bag that prevent people from cutting your bag. hahaha. anyway , very aunty of me. but my dad bought it from US. so i decided to use it for a peace of mind.

time: 4am.

so we climbed and we climbed. 40 mins or so in, we were getting tired. haha. but there was no giving up. note that we were climbing on in pitch darkness. all that was given to us  were some torchlights. not even the LED kind. haha. just the regular lamp kinds. haha. remember what i said earlier about u pay for what you get? haha. anyway, that didnt matter, we wanted to get to the top! haha. some parts were pretty tough. like u had to support yourself to climb.. we are short asian girls. climbing with a bunch of tall legged ang mohs. haha. thankfully for the guides, they helped us up along the way. some parts dont have proper paths and the paths can be rather bumpy. i then realised that my nice new nike shoes werent going to cut it for the rest of the climb. and i was right. i was wishing i had brought my timberland boots instead. but anyway, climb climb climb.

we finally reached what we thought was the ‘peak’ where there were many many groups of people. haha. it started to get a little brighter. then our guide told us to pick up our stuff to get to the peak. haha. so we continued to climb for another 30 mins. haha. some parts were like climbing up a steep sandy hill?! haha. it was all volcanic sand though. but we could barely get a grip and gotta really stick our feet into the sand to make progress. haha. it was tough. and we were tired. by then we had already been climbing for 2 hours. note again that we were noob city girls who barely have any experience climbing mountains. haha. we take mrt and bus yo. loll.

but then we reached the top.



misty morning. haha. u can see there are quite a few groups of people at the peak too (: we were happy to reach the top. haha.





managed to capture this amazing sight when the run rose. it was just amazing. of course i couldnt help but sing of God’s amazing creation. something you cant see in singapore for sure. we were 1717m above sea level and amongst the clouds. it was beautiful. we also ate the food that was given to us. ie. one hard boiled egg, banana, bread with jam. haha.

after giving us sufficient time to enjoy the view, we made our way down. we went down the other side of the volcano and we basically had to walk around the crater of the volcano. the paths were really narrow at some parts. one wrong move and it may send u rolling down the hill. haha. not gnna lie it was a bit scary. haha.i went ahead of the girls cos it was a single file. it was so beautiful up there too. but i was more focused on not falling so i just took in everything with my eyes. Image

happy me with the volcano in the background. and the aforementioned poor choice of shoes. lol. but i must say, the blogilates cropped pants served me pretty well. i did get a few scratches on my lower calves from the sharp rocks though. but it kept me warm enough throughout the hike





the girls stopped for a couple of pictures. haha. so nice.




emo picture of me. haha i shall use it to put in a quote and post on instagram one of these days. hahha.

anyway the climb down was just as hard as the climb up. we were all tired by then. and honestly,i was not experienced enough when it comes to climbing. lol. i literally had to butt slide down the sandy hills. walking wouldnt have cut it. cos i would have just slid down. it was very tiring and scary. thankfully i did some leg exercises the week before and could still withstand the sore legs.

after the sandy slopes were over, i had to deal with super rocky paths. seriously. if i had fell and hit my head on the sharp rocks, that would be just terrible. i tripped many times. haha. and also risked twisting my ankle on those unstable rocks. thank God for keeping me safe from any harm man. also to the female guide who held my hand at many parts. after chatting with her for awhile, i realised she is only 20? i asked her about school (stupidly). and i learned then that this was her job. she is also married and has a child. what school?  ive been so accustomed to the fact that school at the age of 20 is the norm. but not for some of these Balinese locals. it’s sad though. i also learned later that for the entire climb 4am-10am they were only paid about $6. what? like seriously? so so sad. we did tip them all tough. about $5 a person. hope that helps them.


almost at the bottom of the volcano. can u believe we were wayyyyyy up there where the clouds are covering? haha. yea. neither can i.

after the climb, we were brought to some coffee place to buy luwak coffee. haha. i guess that was part of the package. and like the drivers bring u there to get commission. we went back to to the hotel to wash up and then headed out for a late lunch. we couldnt decide where to go for lunch. and the driver from the hotel very kindly brought us to Ibu Rai for lunch. it was the BOMB! so so good. i tried nasi goreng and it was awesome. hahaa. yes. we have nasi goreng at home too. but i really like it la. hahaha.lool.



very thick and tasty smoothies. haha. though they dont really add that much ice. but it’s super gao like the mango one i had. super yummy.and super worth it. like $3-4 a cup. where to get in singapore. u prolly gotta pay like $8? hahaha.


super delicious nasi goreng. making my mouth water. haha the satay was also really good, chunky pieces of meat.

we paid around $10 per person for a dish and and a smoothie each? really enjoyed the lunch. great recommendation by the hotel’s driver.

we then adjourned for our 3.5 hour SPA. hahhaa. yea. we booked a SPA session after our mountain climb. smart right?!?!?! yes. i know. haha.

no pictures at the Spa though. it was a very simple Balinese style SPA package. which included Balinese massage, scrub, facial, hair wash and massage. i seldom go for massages, much less Spas. but it was quite relaxing. it was much much needed. we paid around $40 for the 3.5 hours. service was good too (:

we found the Spa through trip advisor. Putri Spa.

after Spa, we went to do what Singaporeans do best. to EAT. haha. we were back in central ubud. where we had a nice chilled long was very relaxing where we could just sit back and enjoy each other’s company.. i am not one to eat slowly. i always finish my meal in 20 mins or less. but we took our time to eat and bask in the cool night (:


Cindy with her foood


i tried the Grilled Ribs. not too bad. (:


ang mohs everywhere in Bali. haha.


we then adjourned to our villa and chilled the night away. hope u guys enjoyed my post. haha. spent a long time writing this up. haha. day 3 and 4 coming up ! haha.




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