Results Day – looking back

today is results day. my last results day after 4 years, 8 sems, 2 summer sessions.


i recall about 2 years back posting a verse on my instagram

 “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us” Eph 3:20

this verse, has been with me through many seasons of my life. and i can testify that God never fails to provide. i have never felt i lack anything in life. be it emotional, physical or psychological. it’s something that i remind myself of everyday.

anyway, results were out at 9am. i was still in bed like a lazy pig. lol. i woke up at 930 and opened the whatsapp chat that i have with my friends. flooded with messages. my friends did well!  was really happy for them in my half awaken state. lol.

i then went online to check my results. i could barely open my eyes as i peered at my terribly cracked phone screen. lol. i scrolled down and saw my grades. wow. A for FYP? the first thought that came to my mind.. “wah. the profs so good ah?”. and then i saw my badminton grades. haha. i was relieved.

then i saw my cGPA ” 3.53″

i made it.

i made it above 3.50.

second lower class honors.

i dreamed of getting second lower class honors for the past sem. but never dared to explore the possibility until the beginning of this sem. i didnt even think it was possible at first. i used the GPA calculator and i realised if i scored an average of a A this sem, i would be able to scrape through a 3.50. there were sems i didnt even score a single A. much less an average of an A.

the semester came and went. fyp was a dread. i felt i wasnt doing well enough. there were times i left the meeting feeling stupid because i didnt understand what was required. the report writing? dont even talk about it. i could barely meet the requirements for the no. of pages. i felt my content wasnt even outstanding enough to warrant anything more than an A- . my fyp demo? my supervisor left abruptly halfway during my demo. lol. but still, God is so good. He blessed me with an A! that really contributed to pushing my grades up a lot cos it’s worth 10 AUs.

i got an A for my badminton module too. i thank God for speaking to me and prompting me to take this extra elective at the very last minute. and by last minute i mean like on the last day of add drop when i had to be put on the waitlist. BUT my friend met someone who knew someone who was dropping the exact index that i wanted. i went to the office to ask them to provide me with the slot personally. by right, it cant be done manually and the slot has to be assigned by the system based on the waitlist. but the staff very kindly allocated it to me cos i was a final year student. the badminton module wasnt as easy as i though. because i had to play against experienced players. haha. and i wasnt as good compared to them. but i made it through the skill tests, written tests etc and got an A too.

i also got an A for my enterprise module. oh my gosh. 4 day of minimal sleep? going to school on a sunday to get help from prof? yes. that mod. 2 AUs. but it was all worth it. the nights we spent squinting at the packet tracer software, all worth it. that night i thought we wouldnt be able to fulfil the requirements and wanted to give up. but im glad we didnt.

for the other two mods, im glad they turned out well too (:

looking back (again, yes i know) i remember struggling in the past sems. but i cant recall the exact turmoil that i went through. i guess God can really help us forget the painful times and always turn it into something beautiful.

my advice for undergrad engineers? dont give up. until they day comes, never say never. haha. keep trying and pushing. i told myself the same thing many times. and i will say it again. our seniors have done it. so many of them have struggled and completed the course. so can you too(: i was never the best student. i couldnt answer all the questions. i made ittttttt……

i pray that this experience will always remind me of God’s faithfulness and grace. that in future, even if i were to go through times of discouragement, i will not be disheartened. because God is and always will be faithful.

all Glory to God.



here is a big picture of my face. hahaaha. signing off!



2 thoughts on “Results Day – looking back

  1. Hey there.. just happened to see your blog while searching comments for SS9101 Badminton… Can i ask how do they grade you for sports mod? do they look at yr improvement made or your skills?

    1. hey there

      thanks for your comment. the grade comes from a combination of test, skill and match play. they will test your individual skills such as service, lift, clear. net etc. it’s really fun! you should join (: all the best!

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