early morning

woke up super early today to send my mom to the mrt so i could borrow the car and then bring the dogs to to day care. trying to send them there for a few times before they board overnight when my family goes overseas. decided to then come to holland village to hang out and chill and have some me time.

was quite looking forward to it. found a cafe that opens early at 7am. so i came here around 8ish. haha. was the only one here. but unfortunately it isnt as pleasant as i throught it is. dont really like it here. will probably go to another cafe when it opens later. haha. running a cafe isnt as easy as it seems i guess (: haha. having a cafe mocha. i dont think i can have caffeine anymore. the past two times i had coffee i felt really unwell after that. 

anyway, i had a reallly good time yesterday. haha. badminton, table tennis and a bit of karaoke at my friend’s new condo. the facilities there are AMAZING. haha. super nice. they even have a spa floor for men and ladies separately. they have outdoor hot onsens. super shiok!

then we went to eat at chomp chomp. haha. i guess it’s not as good as it used to be. but still alright. haha. and then we went to catch a movie at Great World. haha. caught Edge of Tomorrow. it’s a good move. you guys should go catch it! haha. alright. just a short post (:


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