Bali day 3,4 & 5 #3BabesinBali

hi there.

even though i wnna work on my Barcelona post, i thought it would be better for me to follow through with my Bali posts first so that i will not have a backlog.

so anyway, a continuation of my travels to Bali for my grad trip with my two other friends,IMG_0084_3


we requested for breakfast to be served on our balcony. it was a rather simple breakfast. but it was good enough. haha. the view and the ambience was really relaxed (: oh btw in Ubud, we were staying at Onje Villa.

we then packed up and headed for Dirty Duck. a speciality in Ubud. as u can see, we dressed up too (: hehe.IMG_0097_2

the restaurant was really nice too. had many seating/pavilions for guests.IMG_0100_2

food is served! we ordered the Duck pictured on the top. really delicious. the sambal served with it was PERFECT. super fragrant and delicious. the food here cost abit more than usual because it’s touristy but in comparison to the prices of food in singapore it’s very much reasonable considering we are eating in a restaurant. IMG_0120_3



our private pool in our two storey villa. very fancy. the place we stayed at is called Kampoeng Villa. it’s not the most convenient though. but away from the touristy areas which is good if u dont like nightlife.
IMG_0123_3the girls swimming away. haha. pretending to be sharks. muahaha.IMG_0129_2 our seafood beach dinner on our last day. IMG_0128_3IMG_0137_2


cant seem to upload the rest of the photos.. so it’ll do for now (:


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