first week at work!

i survived the first week of work! 

work has been rather uneventful and i suppose right now it’s still the ‘honeymoon’ period of work. still gettting used to sleeping and waking up early, and the work environment. i guess it’s also taking time to know my co-workers and understanding the company’s culture (:

i guess being an engineer isnt the most glamorous job out there. neither is it the best paying job. but im going to try and make the best out of it! a small part of me isnt even sure if this is the right job for me. i even had a new colleague ask me what job do i plan to change to in a few years time. i mean who asks such a question on the first week of work?!?!? perhaps he was trying to look out for me?hahaha. lol 

anyway, i wish i could get started on the Barcelona holiday post. but i have issues uploading the photos onto wordpress.

that said, i am seriously contemplating and thinking hard on how i should use my leave for work. haha. #workingpeopleproblems i am thinking of end year holiday or even some plans that i have next year. i am also seriously considering traveling alone. haha. that would be interesting isnt it? (:

fitness wise, i guess i am trying to make sure i get enough exercise despite being a full-time working adult now. i believe it can be done with some sacrifice. i want to treat my body well too. 2 10km races coming up in august and september. and i am considering a 21km run end of this year. do i have the courage to sign up and train? i have been talking about wanting to do a half marathon for the longest time. haha. perhaps this year is THE YEAR to do it. haha. i guess running is kinda the best workout because it’s free. haha. and right now i dont think i want to commit to a gym membership or anything.

going to enjoy the last of my weekends! 


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