friday nights…

it’s the end of another week. i guess im really getting into the groove of work and all.

feeling kinda exhausted today and just kinda.. bored. haha. i dont know. but it’s going to be a busy weekend ahead. 

some things i miss about not having a job

-being able to sleep in

-constantly worrying about what people at work think of you. the way you dress and how you perform at work

-coming home earlier before the sunsets to be able to walk my dogs

-to cook dinner 

-it being so worldly and sometimes i wonder. why are people so blind to think that life is all about cars, condos, club memberships, holiday destinations. 

things i enjoy about having a job

-you get paid $$$$$

-you get to see the real world

-i guess for my job i feel that bit of satisfaction to improve the lives of others.

but either way, im thankful to have a job. i will work hard and save money! on the other hand, i am praying that i can make a difference for Christ. it’s hard. but i believe that there is a reason why God landed me in a job in this company (: IMG_2050


here’s a photo of my recent graduation (: i made it guys! i made it! 

though only less than a minute on stage, but something that i have dreamt of and looked forward to for the longest time. God is good! so funny though, when i went up to receive my cert, the guy presenting it to me was asking me a question was we were having the presentation photograph taken. lol.




of course it wouldnt be complete with my love (:


okay. i will try to get started on my barcelona posts soon. the photo uploader just aint that great ya know. anyway, i really like this outfit that i wore. plus those nikes, prolly the best thing i brought there. aint no body got time for fancy pumps while on holiday. and they are quite light and was quite nice with some going out clothes. haha. ok. time for bed. night night.



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