Finally, Barcelona

hello friends,

apologies for the lack of posts lately. haha. but hey, im here! and im finally posting about my trip to Barcelona back in June. wow. 4 months have passed. lol. and the year is ending soon!

waiting to board our flight



this was the balcony area of our hotel. our hotel wasnt the biggest. much to the disappointment of my dad cos he is used to staying is more decent hotels. lol. our hotel is so small that the lift used to ferry us upstairs is the push out door kinda lift. haha.


our first meal in barcelona. some english breakfast and some tourist trap. lol. we were too early for lunch at the recommended place so oh wells. haha.

Flowers along La Rambla
Flowers along La Rambla

we then proceeded to walk towards la boqueria from our hotel which is about 15-20 mins away. it’s quite convenient i would say.

Lunch and Kiosk Universe
Lunch at Kiosk Universe

i would recommend lunch at this place in la boqueria as they serve quite good seafood!

Bread and grilled veggies (Eggplant and peppers!)
Bread and grilled veggies (Eggplant and peppers!)
my dad and i
my dad and i
Squid! my fav.
Squid! my fav.
candy galore
candy galore
public fountains for washing hands i guess?


you may wish to purchase your iberican ham here. haha. they also sell a large variety of fruits and fruit juices. which reminded me of bugis street. loll. the fruits were really popular with tourists. they are very colourful when displayed at the front of the market so naturally, many would buy them.


Taktika berri
Taktika berri

dinner was done at Taktika Berri as recommended by my friend, Shauna. haha. this, is really where the locals go to. it’s off the tourist streets and quite a walk from our hotel. but i think for the experience, it’s worth the visit. so basically, they serve bread with a variety of toppings. from the usual tuna mayo, to other more interesting options like fish and stuff. if you’re lucky, u can get a seat at the bar and pick your desired bread. and you pay at the counter after you’re done. be sure to keep your toothpicks as they charge you according to how many toothpicks you have.

it was quite awkward as we were the only asians in the shop. haha. and we were rather unsure how to approach the bar to pick out the ones we wanted.

Breakfast at Bracafe

breakfast was done at bracafe with my parents the following morning. we didnt opt for the hotel breakfast as.. the hotel is small and doesnt offer the hotel breakfast. so we were recommend this place by the hotel staff.

sausage sandwich and a SUPER RICH hot chocoalte. look at that cream #nom
Park guell

Park Guell houses some of the famous architecture by renouned architect, Gaudi. the whole of barcelona celebrates his architecture. Park guell is a must visit! i bought the tickets prior to our trip which makes you choose an allocated timing for crowd control. i would advice to always buy your tickets in advance so u can plan ahead and avoid the queues.

we went early in the morning and took the subway, which led to a super long walk to the park entrance. lol. my parents would probably have preferred to take a cab. lol. but i honestly dont mind walking. so after walking for like 20 mins or so, we finally got to the entrance (:

the ‘lizard’
the interior

we were there in the late morning so it was really warm. but the interior was really cooling because the pillars were marble.

IMG_0079 IMG_0084 IMG_0087 IMG_0112 IMG_0118

the weather was really warm that day. haha. it being summer, the sun was really out! haha. so be sure to bring your cap/sunglasses/sunscreen and water! my dad was insistent not to walk back the train station so we ended up taking a cab back. haha.

more coming up next!


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