Barcelona, continued.. (food!)

haha. i didnt expect to come up with another post so fast. but hey! im here. no one’s complaining. haha.

of course, being singaporean, whereever you go, you search for the best FOOD. and boy am i excited about food.

tapas, paella, churros, tell me where has good food and i’ll gladly join the queue. furthermore, with the help of the internet, things have become much easier. you are practically spoilt for choice.

we popped by one of the highly raved about tapas joint, Catalana which was about 20 mins walk from our hotel. and indeed, it did not disappoint. food was fresh and service was prompt. though on the pricey side, it’s great for eating in bigger groups because you get to order alot more and share. it was so good, we went there twice!

patatas bravas
patatas bravas

i believe this is a staple in tapas joints. crunchy on the outside, but soft and fluffy on the inside. served piping hot, you just cant help but reach for more!

grilled prawns
grilled prawns

really fresh and juice prawns. i believe they have the cold version too. but trust me, this was much better.

pork lion sandwich with grilled peppers
pork lion sandwich with grilled peppers

this was really good too (almost everything was good who am i kidding) ive never seen such a slim baguette before tho. haha. but it prevents u from eating too much bread and getting full too quick i guess. haha. i enjoyed the pork lion. and peppers? yes please. i love peppers.

top right: cod fish bottom: fried fish

IMG_0119 IMG_0128 IMG_0126

we were seated at the regular tables but they have bar seats too with the cold tapas that are ready to be served. i believe most of them are like pre-made salads.


on some days, they serve paella too. which we didnt get to try as we only saw it while leaving the place. what a waste! that squid ink tho. haha


taking a stroll

Iberican ham speciality store

the spanish take their iberican ham seriously. even if you’re not a fan, you should still give it a try.  you wouldnt miss it as they serve it everywhere. and it’s so much cheaper there than in singapore. you should see how much spanish restaurants in singpaore charge for a few slices of this delicacy. i would say the taste is very similar to the chinese wax sausage or lap cheong, which has a waxier taste.

some mediocore paella we had along the sidewalks


one of the attractions that you should visit in the evening would be the magic fountain. be sure to go early to secure a spot as it gets really crowded as the sunsets.

IMG_0149 IMG_0153 IMG_0160

if you are keen, i encourage you to stay till dark. this was taken around 8pm (summer time). it was quite romantic and i wish aaron was there to enjoy the fountain with the nice accompanying music.

doesnt this remind you of japanese sushi?

IMG_0163IMG_0164  IMG_0167

Milk Bar and Bistro
Milk Bar and Bistro

another morning, we wanted to visit Port Vell. so i searched for a brunch place in the area. it was kinda hard to find as it was in an alley. i had to put my faith in screenshots of google maps. having to bring my parents around wasnt easy cos they practically relied on me the whole trip. haha.

while we were walking towards the area for brunch, i saw a man making some art installation out of toilet paper over large drain covers that had air coming out of. it made the toilet paper dance in the air and he was making some abstract art thing out it. so i thought i would take a picture of it. the man saw and gestured me towards where he was standing. i thought he was being friendly and maybe was suggesting me to take a picture with him. not.

he was angry that i took the picture without permission! he came over and mumbled some spanish/catalan and pointed at my i quickly guessed that he wanted me to delete the pictures which i quickly did. *gasp* haha it was quite scary. but my dad was there and he was abit agressive with the guy and was going to push him away if he came any closer. lol. i guess i should have maybe put some money if i took a photo of him and his art installation? haha. lesson learnt.


another interesting this happened when we were in this cafe/bar for brunch. we were browsing through the menu when a eurporean/middle eastern couple beside us mentioned singapore and ‘bukit batok’ haha. i was curious but didnt think much of it for we were hungry!

after a few moments, the couple asked my parents and i “are you guys from singapore?” haha. we were quite surprised. and apparently, they used to live in singapore a few years ago! the man is an egyptian and he shared with us that he likes durians! haha. and they said that they recognised us by our singapore accents. haha. i guess we cant escape that ever.

btw the food there was really good! the pictures are in my phone i will try to upload them if i can. it was really decent brunch food with huge portions. haha. very yummy.

we then took a stroll along port vell and did some speed shopping!


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