a post about nothing in particular

hi there,

i knew i wanted to blog, but was ensure of what i should blog about. we are just about 3 weeks into the new year and have pretty much settled in. how have your new year resolutions been? haha. have u been working out, saving money etc? (:

well, the year has started off on a good note for me work wise. it’s been busy, but nevertheless, satisfying. i feel a sense of accomplishment when i get tasks done. of course im not great or an expert at what i do. im still learning and getting the hang of the industry. but im thankful to be where i am right now. and i want to thank God for knowing me best and planning ahead for me (:

i want to post some photos but i post quite regularly on my dayre account. haha. so you may wish to add me or read my posts at dayre.me/cheeziepeazie !


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