YMLC 2015 Reflections

i think this week tops the other great week i had at BKK and Church Camp.

I attend the Young Methodist Leaders Conference over the past 4 days and I served as a mentor.


I didn’t quite know what to expect as it was my second time attending and first time attending as a mentor. During the Mentor’s Briefing held a month or so back, I remember feeling rather small, yet excited for what was to come. Because I just knew that it was going to be a worthwhile experience. And at the same time I though that it would be a good time to renew my relationship with God. I felt a little small because I wasn’t really a full time staff or pastor or anything of that capacity. But it didn’t bother me much because I knew those things wouldn’t matter in the end.

The day arrived and I was part of the team that went a day earlier. From Day 1, i could already feel the change in atmosphere. Where everyone was just full of love and compassion. As I didn’t know any other mentors prior to the trip, I spent the most of my time during my journey there observing the people around me. And I was deeply inspired. I wanted to be like them. How great it would be to be surrounded by people who Honor you and build you up and not tear you down?

They were just filled with so much ‘youthfulness’ even though many of them were not of youthful age. You can see the difference in someone who is filled with the joy of God that just shines through from their faces versus someone who is just satisfied by temporal things.

we had to pose with the pastor as shown on the play card
we had to pose with the pastor as shown on the play card

The games were really fun and I have to thank God for this bunch of amazing people who made it so easy for me to just help everyone get settled. They just broke lose so easily and started joking around within the first hour. haha. Thank God for that because I am not a social butterfly. lol.


Also met up with my group from 2 years ago for a short catch up. it was really great to see them!


A picture with everyone inside. haha they are such a fun bunch. lol.

the lovely girls!
the lovely girls!
MCOTI represent!
MCOTI represent!

What I learnt

I was truly amazed at how God took mercy on us all and showered His love and Grace by revealing Himself to us. He is able to work within each one of us and use our failures and setbacks to shine through and show His power. How God can truly transform the impossible. He is really the God who can move the mountains. I was deeply encouraged by my group as they shared how God worked in their lives. It was just proof to me that God is not only real in my life but in the lives of others. That there is true Hope when we put our faith and trust in the One Who Saves.

I also learnt that we need to take responsibility in Power. The workshop that I attended really was relevant to me. That I have the Power of God within me and because of that, I am able to do far GREATER thing through Him.

I also learnt that God can use the broken, the sinful to encourage others. I had the privilege of praying for many people during ministry time. They were all strangers who had come forward to receive intercession for various things they had on their mind. Prior to that, I told God that He would enable me and give me the wisdom to say the right things. Throughout the ministry time, I was just overwhelmed by the grace and love of our Lord. He told me that every child was precious to Him. Our identity lies in Him and nothing can take that away. I prayed for various people with various needs that they shared with me briefly. I remembered praying for one lady who had some issues in her workplace. As i prayed, I felt God prompting me to pray for her family. I was half uncertain because for all I know, her family could be doing great and I totally praying for the wrong things. But I prayed anyway, I thought that that would bring her comfort. When I ended the prayer, she told me that she indeed had some issues at home and she thanked me. I was just blown away.

How could God use me? I am but a mere servant, existing on earth??

Aren’t there more anointed people out there?

Then I realised that God’s Power is always there for us to tap onto. He doesn’t shy away from us only and all we need to do is to call upon His name.

I was just filled with awe that God would use me to bring comfort and peace to the people around me. and I, in turn was deeply moved and encouraged too.


The worship sessions that we had left a deep impression upon me. I have never been so EXCITED and just bursting with energy during worship. Just. Wow.

It was then that realised that there is nothing more beautiful in the eyes of God than His children bowed down in worship with hearts and hands lifted to the heavens. I was truly amazed and just speechless. I felt I could deeply connect with God through worship.

What’s next?

I suppose the next step would be, that what would we do with the experienced we had?

It’s not about the moving experiences, but how our experiences move us.

This was shared during the workshop. It so true. I want to move on and apply what I learnt. I am not contented where I am and I wish for GREATER.  I am excited for the plans are bubbling within me. May God inspire me deeply.


I received more than i expected over the past 4 days. It was a time of spiritual rest and restoration and more than that, I just fell deeper in love with God. This experience caused me to crave more of Him, more of His goodness.

There were areas that I felt I can improve and need to work on. So I will spend some time reflecting on that as well.

With that said, I can’t wait for YMLC 2016.


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