half way into 2015

well, it’s been more than 6 months into 2015, i thought i would just pop by for a quick update.

life has been pretty hectic and packed with the usuals. i need more rest in order to get things in order.

the past 2 months, i had a short trip to bkk, church camp and ymlc which was really refreshing and a great break from work. and now that those are done, work has entered a lull period and i have to motivate myself to give my best at work.

i also havent found the time to reflect on the past 6 months which also explains this haphazard post.

some of the things i really want/need to do now are

  1. get my ministry stuff sorted (Block outreach, equipping course)
  2. get my eating sorted out. i need to get some proper breakfast. may have to go back to oat and bananas. i have been ok at cutting out sugary drinks for a long time. but think i need more fruit and unhealthy carbs.
  3. read more –  i’ll be really glad if i could finish that one book!
  4. get fitter/stronger – need to be more strict on this. i am still unsettled on running/gym/home exercise.
  5. organize my stuff –  there is a reason why it’s call the WARdrobe right??
  6. PRAY more –  for people and to speak to God.

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