Hi 2017

my 2016 resolutions

  • blog more here. i do update everyday at dayre.me/cheeziepeazie

totally did not update this blog AT ALL. but rather active on Dayre still.

  • exercise more regularly, attempt a full marathon in Dec2016

i did attempt a full marathon in Dec 2016. it wasn’t my best shot. it was painful. but i am thankful i did it. i would love to attempt an overseas marathon someday.

  • explore new passions

i attended a brush calligraphy lesson on a sunday and i enjoyed it very much. i dont practice as often due to lack of proper materials. but i hope to be able to improve this year!

  • pick up the guitar again

did not happen. haha.

  • read God’s word more intentionally

did not  happen. need to work on this.

  • get engaged (?) – not really for me to decide lol.

yesss!! aaron and i got engaged in 2016. i thank God for that. so in 2017 we would be busying ourselves planning for our wedding. hehe.

  • go hiking overseas

yes! went for a hiking trip to Surabaya in June 2016 and it was GREAT! i loved it so much! i would love to go back!

  • save more money!

yes and no. i saved more but also had some unexpected expenditure. so i will keep going at it!


2016 was a relatively ok year. totally adjusted to being a working adult in her mid-twenties. i wonder what the next 5 year brings.. but for now, 2017 just feels like an extension of 2016. nothing much has changed other than the clock striking 12.

perhaps i need more actions plans for 2017. so here we go!


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