it’s soooo late i dont even know why am i blogging? lots happened today. went back to relief teach. it didnt go well. lol. lost “touch” oh wellllllllllsss. that story for another time. or maybe never. because it’s too long winded.

best part of today, playing Winning Eleven at Aaron’s house. I CAN NOW JOIN THE BOYS!! i say so. lol. quite fun la. i understand why the guys spend hours on it. till trying to get the hang of it. most of the time i am just spamming the buttons. so if u ask me to press the square, i have to literally look at the controller to find it. haha. oh wells. it was fun. we played street fighter also. spamming keys time. haha. fun fun fun fun!

had supper with jolyn sharron and nat at Chomp Chomp. it was NAISEEEE! ^^ great times catching up. we seriously make alot of noise when we talk. HAHAHHA. ❤


One thought on “tired


    hahaha that means you can also come over to play winning eleven with me. HEHE new gaming friend ^_^v

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