Its been a great week at school and i can proudly say that i have really tried my best in school this week! Attending all lessons and trying my best to pay attention! I think the biggest achievement is staying away from my phone during lectures and tutorials. Its one of the most challenging things for me actually. Haha

So today was my first lab session.  I have a pretty nice lab partner! After 4 sems of lab, i think it’s pretty cool how u can get to know someone pretty well in the duration of 13 weeks. At least for me(: and today’s lab way quite interesting.  Even tho i need to kick the habit of dozing off during the lab briefing like i always did last semester! It seems to act like some sleeping chant! Crap! Haha. Nevertheless i really thank God for a great week in general ^_^ 

I was also looking forward to Friday because of 2468. Basically, back in the US, we set a date to meet up.  Which was the 24th 6pm 8(august) at macs in school and see who would turn up.  And we were not supposed to remind each other.  Sort of.  And the dress code was american brands. Haha.  So anyway, a bunch of us met up and hung out just now.  It was fun and I MISS THE US! Honestly cany stress that enough. Lol.

It’s really late.  Time for bed! Oh yea. Im trying to upload more of my videos from US.  But the Internet at home just isnt cooperating.  Sigh.

Oh yes.. Please help me out by clicking on the link below.  Thank you!




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